Research Associate Ice sheet modelling and data science

Program 1 I UTAS

The Postdoctoral Research Associate will focus on modelling the present and future Antarctic Ice Sheet and
its contribution to sea level.

The work will be broad in scope and expansive, with emphasis on ice-sheet-scale numerical simulations or quantitative large-scale data analysis. The work will
integrate field observations, incl. Denman Glacier, as well as wide-ranging dataset collected previously in the Australian sector of East Antarctica

Applications close Monday 13 March, 11:55pm

Research Associate - Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere-Ice Feedbacks at the Antarctic Margin

Program 1 I UNSW

This position aims to examine the nature of sea-ice albedo, meltwater, and ocean circulation feedbacks onto the ice-atmosphere system using coupled climate models, including research into abrupt, non-linear, and surprising changes that can occur at the Antarctic margin due to coupled ocean-atmosphere-ice feedbacks.

For further information and a position description please contact Matt England

Research Associate - Paleoclimate and Paleoglaciology

Program 3 I UNSW

The Research Associate will contribute to collaborative research into the East Antarctic Ice Sheet and Atmospheric Interactions. The Research Associate will be engaged on a reconstruction of past millennial Antarctic surface katabatic and coastal winds; the assimilation of the reconstruction into proxy-modelling of paleo-precipitation, katabatic redistribution and palaeo-ice accumulation rates, coastal supraglacial melt and superimposed ice, coastal ice sheet dynamics, coastal ocean currents and palaeo-ice shelf dynamics. The person will also contribute to flow-line modelling of western Wilkes Land to understand last glacial cycle ice dynamics upstream of the proposed Bunger Hills Blue Ice to assist in the ice margin ice history, and subglacial hydrological pathways.  Understanding these drivers is critical to understand past and future evolution of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. Using existing observations, reanalysis, CMIP ensembles and atmosphere/coupled model experiments, the successful candidate will work to understand the drivers of variability and change in the planetary westerly winds and storm track, and their impact on precipitation, katabatic and near coast wind fields.

For further information and a position description please contact Ian Goodwin