Research Associate - Physical Oceanography

Program 1 and Program 3 I UTAS

The successful candidate will quantify the fine-scale vertical structure of velocity and water mass properties across the Southern Ocean from existing observations to examine the processes that flux heat, freshwater and other tracers across Southern Ocean fronts. This work will include analysis of high-resolution model simulations (e.g. MITgcm and ACCESS-OM2-01) to test their ability to represent these processes. The postdoctoral fellow will also contribute to the team’s efforts to scale up targeted field observations using global arrays to deliver full depth, daily circumpolar estimates of eddy tracer fluxes and increased understanding of their variability, with parallel analysis of model simulations.

The successful candidate will participate in the ACEAS planned marine science voyage to the Denman Glacier (Feb/Mar 2025).

Applications close Thursday 25 August 2022, 11:55pm AEST

Research Associate - Ice Sheet/Shelf Modeller

Program 3 I UTAS

The Postdoctoral Research Associate will focus on modelling the physics of ice sheets and/or ice shelves.

The position will also focus on understanding processes and feedbacks that are responsible for ongoing ice sheet retreat and/or its past future stability, with the broad goal to improve regional- and continental-scale projections of future ice sheet mass loss. Key science questions relevant to the stability of ice sheet margins that could be explored by the candidate include (but are not limited to) (i) understanding the role of subglacial processes (sliding, uplift, geothermal heat, subglacial hydrology) in controlling grounding line stability, (ii) unravelling the role of ice sheet thermal physics in controlling fast ice stream flow and ice sheet mass loss, (iii) developing a conceptual and quantitative understanding of how natural variability in atmospheric/oceanic forcings affect ice sheet dynamics.

Applications close Monday 22 August 2022, 11:55pm AEST

Research Fellow - Subglacial Geology

Program 1 and Program 3 I University of Western Australia

This Research Fellow will focus on making new interpretations of subglacial geology to characterise the ice sheet bed and constrain bed-conditions for a better knowledge of glacial processes. The successful applicant will engage broadly with the UWA research community and with the Antarctic research community within ACEAS and through major international research networks. You will contribute to co-supervision of postgraduate students within ACEAS.

Applications close Sunday 18 September

Research Associate - Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere-Ice Feedbacks at the Antarctic Margin

Program 1 I UNSW

This position aims to examine the nature of sea-ice albedo, meltwater, and ocean circulation feedbacks onto the ice-atmosphere system using coupled climate models, including research into abrupt, non-linear, and surprising changes that can occur at the Antarctic margin due to coupled ocean-atmosphere-ice feedbacks.

For further information and a position description please contact Matt England

Reserach Associate - Ocean Modelling

Program 1 I ANU

The position of Research Associate Ocean Modelling aims to better understand the oceanic processes which control the delivery of heat to Antarctica’s continental shelf and adjacent ice shelves, using high resolution ocean-sea ice modelling. Key science questions include 1) understanding projected ocean feedbacks on basal melt, including changes in polynya dynamics, ice shelf cavity circulation and cross-slope heat exchange, 2) quantifying the sensitivity of ocean heat transport to changes in local and remote forcing (e.g. winds, upstream freshwater fluxes and the open ocean heat reservoir), and 3) investigating mechanisms governing warm intrusions onto the shelf (e.g. eddies, coastal-trapped waves, bottom flows, tides).

For further information and a position description please contact Adele Morrison

Research Associate - Paleoclimate and Paleoglaciology

Program 3 I UNSW

The Research Associate will contribute to collaborative research into the East Antarctic Ice Sheet and Atmospheric Interactions. The Research Associate will be engaged on a reconstruction of past millennial Antarctic surface katabatic and coastal winds; the assimilation of the reconstruction into proxy-modelling of paleo-precipitation, katabatic redistribution and palaeo-ice accumulation rates, coastal supraglacial melt and superimposed ice, coastal ice sheet dynamics, coastal ocean currents and palaeo-ice shelf dynamics. The person will also contribute to flow-line modelling of western Wilkes Land to understand last glacial cycle ice dynamics upstream of the proposed Bunger Hills Blue Ice to assist in the ice margin ice history, and subglacial hydrological pathways.  Understanding these drivers is critical to understand past and future evolution of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. Using existing observations, reanalysis, CMIP ensembles and atmosphere/coupled model experiments, the successful candidate will work to understand the drivers of variability and change in the planetary westerly winds and storm track, and their impact on precipitation, katabatic and near coast wind fields.

For further information and a position description please contact Ian Goodwin