Research Associate - Modes of Ocean Variability

Program 1 I UTas

The Research Associate will work on ocean modes of variability with a focus on the Southern Ocean and its footprint on the atmospheres and over land including Antarctica. The successful candidate will contribute primarily to ACEAS Program 1, an exciting project that utilises new oceanographic and atmospheric data collections from the Southern Ocean and also the existing coupled model archives to address these questions and also the role of human influence in the Southern Ocean.

Applications close Sunday 23 January, 11:55pm

Research Associate in Computational Physics (Geophysics)

Program 1 I UTas

The Research Fellow will contribute to ACEAS Program 1 — Circum Antarctic and East Antarctica, which addresses the overarching question: “How can shifts in carbon, heat and moisture transport in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean system be better constrained to improve projections of future climate and sea level changes?”, focusing on the following aims:

a) Use geophysical data to provide a better constraint on future sea level rise projections; and

b) Assess risks to the effective prediction of changes to ice mass that arise from interactions and feedbacks between systems, and instability and threshold changes.

Applications close Sunday 13 February, 11:55pm

Postdoctoral Research Associate – Southern Ocean bio-optics and satellite ocean colour

Program 1/Program 3 I Curtin University

This position aims at further improving our understanding of bio-optical properties and relationships in the Southern Ocean based on field observations, which is needed to subsequently improve interpretation of satellite ocean colour observations in this Ocean. The other aim is to explore new capabilities from the upcoming NASA hyperspectral PACE mission.

The Curtin application web page will open in the second half of January 2022. Interested applicants can send an EOI to the project leader, David Antoine, at

Postdoctoral / Research Fellow in Ocean Modelling

Program 1 I Australian National University

We seek applications from motivated and creative scientists for a position in Ocean Modelling. The role will include running and analysing high resolution ocean model simulations to examine mechanisms for warming of Antarctic continental shelf waters and (depending upon interest) may also involve contributing to the development of new ultra-high resolution regional model configurations. The successful applicant will have a strong research profile in dynamical oceanography, and experience in ocean modelling.

Applications close Wednesday 2 February, 11:55pm

Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Fellow

Program 1/Program 3 I Australian National University

The Postdoctoral Fellow will focus on 1) what is the best spatial and temporal resolution of accurate mass balance estimates that can be achieved from current remote sensing data, 2) how can we best mitigate the impacts of glacial isostatic adjustment on mass balance estimates, and 3) what are the contemporary changes in mass balance in East Antarctica and associated contributions to global sea level. Depending on the Fellow’s interests, the position may also include the assimilation of space gravity and satellite altimetry data at the observation level to enhance the achievable spatial and temporal resolution

Applications close Friday 11 February 2022, 11:55pm