The Centre’s program of research is funded by $25M of ARC and university contributions. The research will formally commence in late 2021 and run for an initial period of four years.

The focus is on high impact research on East Antarctica and the Southern Ocean—to build fundamental knowledge and research capacity, to train early career scientists for broad careers, and to engage with domestic and international stakeholders.

The Centre’s major field work — two marine science voyages and an on-shore field season — are dependent on the support of the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD).  Australia’s new research icebreaker, RSV Nuyina, arrived in Hobart in October 2021. Given that it is a new and complex scientific platform there will be a substantial period of commissioning required by the AAD.  This work, taken together with the normal uncertainties of Antarctic logistics around weather, ice conditions and other operational issues, may mean that the timing and scope of field work that is factored into AAD’s logistics plans in coming seasons may need to be reviewed and adjusted.